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11 月 2 日
RFC2975 Introduction to Accounting Management
RFC2981 Event MIB
RFC2982 Distributed Management Expression MIB
11 月 7 日
RFC2988 Computing TCP's Retransmission Timer
11 月 8 日
RFC2841 IP Authentication using Keyed SHA1 with Interleaved Padding (IP-MAC)
RFC2985 PKCS #9: Selected Object Classes and Attribute Types
RFC2986 PKCS #10: Certification Request Syntax Specification Version 1.7
RFC2987 Registration of Charset and Languages Media Features Tags
11 月 13 日
RFC2991 Multipath Issues in Unicast and Multicast Next-Hop Selection
RFC2992 Analysis of an Equal-Cost Multi-Path Algorithm
11 月 16 日
RFC2990 Next Steps for the IP QoS Architecture
11 月 21 日
RFC2994 A Description of the MISTY1 Encryption Algorithm
RFC3003 The audio/mpeg Media Type
11 月 22 日
RFC-JP Web 公開
RFC2050 インターネットレジストリにおけるIPアドレス割り振りガイドライン
RFC2142 一般的なサービス、役割、機能に対するメールボックス名
RFC2223 RFCを書く人のために
RFC2374 IPv6の集約可能グローバルユニキャストアドレス形式
RFC2375 IPv6マルチキャストアドレスの割り当て
RFC2671 DNS用拡張メカニズム (EDNS0)
RFC2672 非終端DNS名リダイレクション
RFC2673 ドメイン名システム中のバイナリラベル
11 月 28 日
RFC2993 Architectural Implications of NAT
RFC2996 Format of the RSVP DCLASS Object
RFC2997 Specification of the Null Service Type
RFC2998 A Framework for Integrated Services Operation over Diffserv Networks
RFC3001 A URN Namespace of Object Identifiers
RFC3005 IETF Discussion List Charter
RFC3007 Secure Domain Name System (DNS) Dynamic Update
RFC3008 Domain Name System Security (DNSSEC) Signing Authority
RFC3009 Registration of parityfec MIME types
11 月 29 日
RFC3004 The User Class Option for DHCP
11 月 30 日
RFC2995 Pre-Spirits Implementations of PSTN-initiated Services
RFC3002 Overview of 2000 IAB Wireless Internetworking Workshop
RFC3006 Integrated Services in the Presence of Compressible Flows
RFC3011 The IPv4 Subnet Selection Option for DHCP

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